The Hand Up Network is thrilled to welcome our friends at Hope Cottage Pregnancy and Adoption Center as a Network Partner!  Hope Cottage has a long standing reputation as one of the elite organizations providing support services to Women and Children across North Texas.

Hope Cottage Pregnancy and Adoption Center is the oldest nonprofit, non faith based adoption agency based in Dallas. It began in 1918 with the vision of one woman, Emma Wylie Ballard, who recognized a need to provide care for children abandoned on the streets of Dallas. She opened a small home to accept the babies, naming it Hope Cottage, and hired women to care for them.  It’s from these humble roots that Hope Cottage began to grow and flourish, subsequently becoming an adoption agency, placing children in homes, ensuring their futures and strengthening the North and East Texas communities.

Through the years as the adoption-related needs of the community have changed from “baby nurseries” and “maternity homes” to comprehensive pre- and post-adoption services, Hope Cottage has changed as well. For more than 100 years, Hope Cottage has provided essential adoption services to meet the needs of the people of Northeast Texas and gained a national reputation for excellence.

We are thrilled to now have the Hope Cottage Team available to work alongside the Hand Up Network Team and Clients!

HAND UP NETWORK™ is a 501c3 non-profit based in Tyler, TX that has assembled an international team of leaders with decades of experience with a desire to come back home and bring focus to those in need in local communities.  The Network offers long-term programs to people seeking a new season in life and response teams designed to address community issues and emergency response. The Network provides intentional volunteer opportunities for people wanting to provide support within their programs and opportunities to engage via Response Teams.