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HandUp Network Response Teams

The HandUp Network offers a variety of volunteer service opportunities through our HandUp Response Teams (HURTeams). HURTeams augment many of our field services and are made up of groups sponsored by a single organizational partner covering (such as a church or non-profit organization) or groups of individuals with a common desire to serve the needs of HandUp Network, but not necessarily serving as part of a ‘sponsored’ partner team. These teams come together on the field, are led by a HandUp Network-trained team leader in the specific activities tasks such as Community Outreach, Community Service or Disaster Response.

Community Outreach Teams

Community Outreach teams are HURTeams that augment specific outreach missions to the local communities. These teams often develop relationships with neighborhoods and communities while serving the basic needs of that community in fellowship gospel activities. These teams also include outreach to areas in Hand Up Network’s focus of interest – those in difficult situations, homeless communities, at-risk neighborhoods, etc.

Community Service Teams

Community Service HURTeams are involved in providing task-oriented services to a community. Typical examples of these team activities could be community or park cleanup and structural improvements, repainting of elderly citizen’s homes, handicap accessibility improvements, gardening and lawn care to those unable to do so for themselves. The vast majority of these projects are identified and proposed to HandUp Network by the HandUp Network partners.

Emergency Response Teams

The HandUp Network provides a source for supplies and labor to assist in the response of local and regional disasters – ranging from fires to tornadoes and floods. The disaster response HURTeams do not normally serve as first responders in a disaster, but can and do provide a stable labor force to assist in the typical ‘2 days to 2 years’ aftermath of the initial incident. Where many organizations move on once a disaster fades from the evening news, HURTeams remain engaged as-long-as the need for assistance exists and the required resources can be recruited from our growing network of member partners.

Prayer & Support Teams

Prayer and Support Teams work alongside the Hand Up Network programs and response efforts to provide prayer support for the community members, the community at large, the responders and fellow volunteers engaged in any of our programs. These valuable teams also serve as ‘servants at large’ and are always an asset to any response effort. Our Prayer and Support Teams provide valuable service as assistance to those responding in specific programmatic areas. In times of emergency response, this could take on a variety of tasks – anything from offering a cold drink of water to an emergency responder, assisting with volunteer sign-ups or unloading a recent load of response supplies and/or donations.

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