A festive celebration unfolded at the 2nd Annual Hand Up Network Christmas Gala, held on Friday, December 8 at the Villa Tyler. Marking the 5th anniversary of Hand Up Network’s inception, the evening was orchestrated by CEO Sam Smith and Programs Director Grant MacLean. The presentation, featuring contributions from dedicated team members Terri Grossman and Pam Dansby, encapsulated the spirit of community and the organization’s commitment to uplifting lives. Sam Smith delivered an inspiring message, reflecting on the incredible journey of Hand Up Network over the past five years.


0:23     Sam Smith, Welcome

2:57      Sam Smith, Hand Up Network mission explained.

6:23     Grant MacLean, shares Programs overview, describes what love in action means.

10:35    Terri Grossman, describes her passion for Mentoring.

12:29    Sam Smith, talks about HUN’s Response Teams

14:32    Sam Smith, Cherokee, Rusk and Panola

Counties tornado response

19:36   Pam Dansby, Ambassador of Love

22:17    Grant MacLean shares meaning behind

“Everyone needs a hand up, some need it now.”

23:13    Sam Smith, Immigration Team unique approach explained.

25:19    Sam Smith, Victim Services challenges, and success story.

27:52    Grant MacLean shares using Civics to empower.

30:39   Grant MacLean addressing whole person

30:56   Sam Smith concludes with request to audience