The Hand Up Network was honored to be invited to the 20th Annual Bullard Red White & Blue Festival on November 2, 2019.  The festival was founded to bring visibility to the sacrifices made by members of the community in the armed forces, emergency service, etc. and is very much representative of the work the Hand Up Network does every day.  Many go about their day without noticing people helping to protect them.  The same can be said for people not noticing those in need that are right there in front of them.

The Hand Up Network team participated in the big parade and had the chance to say hello to everyone lining Main Street and even passed out a few pieces of candy and even a few fun “Sticky Hands” in honor of Hand Up Network’s work in providing a “Hand Up”!  Once the parade route was completed, the Hand Up Network RV moved over to our booth location and the rest of the day was spent signing up Volunteers, sharing our services, and even getting a donation or two.

Thank you to the wonderful community of Bullard, Texas!