Hand Up Network Program

Retail Training


The Hand Up Network Training Program is intentional in our effort to provide a low cost opportunity for household, items and apparel that our Network Partners have donated. The items are then processed and offered to the Community by the Hand Up Network Thrift Store.

Thrift Store

The Hand Up Network Thrift Store provides low income members of the community an opportunity to secure clothing and household items at a significant discount. This not only fills a need for the Community, but an opportunity for people to feel like they are able to support and address the needs of their family without having to take a “hand out” from others.

Retail Training

The Thrift Store is staffed by Hand Up Network Clients that focus on all aspects of retail operation. They are taught basic concepts of sales, clientele development, personnel, and inventory management. It is our stated goal to provide a sound understanding of what it takes to operate a retail operation and then execute it in a real life environment

Hand Up Network Employment Board

Network Partners have the opportunity to take advantage or our pool of trained retail personnel. These applicants will have a strong base of retail operations and sales skills.

Our Leaders

God has called an amazing team of people to lead this ministry forward.  Check out our Board of Directors and Leadership Team.  Obviously, God is at the helm and we are honored to be in His service.

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