Demetra Jacobs

Retail Training Center Manager

A Native East Texan who worked hard to establish herself and her family for success, Demetra Jacobs now wants to help people that are in need of a Hand Up!  Demetra has over 15+ years of Retail Management Experience and oversees the daily operations of the Hand Up Network Retail Training Program and Thrift Store.  The goal of the Training Program is to provide Program Participants the skills necessary in areas such as Inventory Control, Merchandising, Customer Service, Clientele Development, and Sales.  Demetra’s team focuses on giving those who work within the program the opportunity to become outstanding members of the East Texas Retail scene long after they have left the Program. 

Demetra is passionate about Customer Service and wants every single person that comes through the Hand Up Network door to have an outstanding experience and want to come back and engage with us again!


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