Hardships are everywhere, even in our own backyard. Over the last several decades, the Hand Up Network™ team has worked to lead international efforts to address needs in the developing world while achieving significant success. In that time, they began to notice similar challenges facing our neighbors here at home, and soon realized these issues could benefit from the same level of focus and expertise they were providing around the world. Thus, the Hand Up Network™ was born- a collection of individuals, churches, and organizations working to ensure that all people have an opportunity to live life to their fullest potential.

“We are here to provide a Hand Up, and are intentionally avoiding the traditional hand out. We focus our efforts on encouraging, equipping, and empowering those who are willing to put in the effort to change their own circumstances” stated Hand Up Network™ CEO, Samuel Smith.  “We are providing hope and opportunities for those in a tough season of life, acknowledging that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Each person will have a unique journey. Our goal is to build abilities and good habits that will be the foundation for long-term success.”

Smith is the author of When Love Heals and former CEO of Mercy Ships and Medical Ministry International.  He has assembled a team of leaders with decades of experience around the globe providing developmental programs and response teams in service to the poorest regions of the world.  Hand Up Network™ Programs will consist of individual interviews, followed by a Sparc Program that brings an overview of the organizations Five Finger’s of Focus – Spiritual, Well-Being, Financial, Skills & Education, and Support System.  Upon completion of the Sparc Program, the client will be offered the opportunity to make a commitment to change the course of their life.  Those that want to help themselves out of their situation will then have individual meetings with a Mentor/Life Coach.  The Mentor will help to develop a Life Plan and establish a plan aided by the over 30 different programs being offered by Hand Up Network™ and its Partners.

The Hand Up Network™ offers a variety of intentional volunteer service opportunities within their Programs and through Hand Up Response Teams (HURTeams).  HURTeams augment many of the Network field services and are made up of groups sponsored by a single organizational partner covering (such as a church or non-profit organization) or groups of individuals with a common desire to serve the needs of the Hand Up Network, but not necessarily serving as part of a ‘sponsored’ partner team.  These teams come together on the field, are led by a Hand Up Network™-trained team leader in the specific activity’s tasks such as Community Outreach, Community Service or Emergency Response.

Everyone Needs A Hand Up, Some need it now!